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About Polly

My Story


For me there’s nothing in this world that equals the happiness of singing, music and sound! It’s the purest, most powerful energy I know, and always wanted to share.


This is my drive, this is why I perform and teach!

I am an Authorized CVT Teacher

Taking a part in various projects during past 15 years, I’ve acquired a vast experience of stage performance. In recent years my main focus have been on my band Bronze Honey: Rock with a touch of Electro, a pinch of Metal & Industrial – as a Co-Founder, Co-Writer and Lead Singer.

In addition to my training as a Musician, I graduated: MBA - specialization in Marketing & Advertising; BA in Economics & Business Administration

As a Vocal Coach I offer my knowledge, experience and heartfelt dedication in helping you express what you want, exactly the way you want it.


Being an extremely curious person and a voice nerd made me look into everything related to sound, hearing & listening. I learn a lot every day!

Vocal lessons are suitable for all ages, levels and musical styles.

I teach Internationally online and locally in Tel Aviv & Pardes Hanna.

Complete Vocal Technique is a directory over the voice, a terminology which contains the possibility of making all sounds possible within the human voice. As artists what makes us original and able of telling our individual story is the possibility of finding out our own unique sound. 

My Story


At the age of 17 I started my vocal training under a 'Bel Canto' tutor, continued to explore my voice with various private teachers and later on at Rimon School of Contemporary Music and Jazz (College), where I was certified to teach vocal lessons by Tami Katzen.

Several years ago I was lucky to discover the CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) method, developed by Cathrine Sadolin, a vocal wizard from Denmark. One master-class with her was enough to make me decide to specialize in CVT and introduce the method in Israel.

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