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Lessons & Workshops

Group Lessons

Explore the voice together and learn from each other. 2 to 7 singers learning together is fun. It makes lessons more affordable for everyone and you have a ready-made support group. Or, sign up for private lessons and let me know that you would be interested in a group experience. When possible, I will gladly group students together.

  • Content is flexible depending on the group’s interests and needs.

  • Learn about the 3 overall principles, the 4 modes, sound color and effects.

  • Lesson's rate depends on the length of a booked time, frequency, and size of group.

Private Lessons

Individual attention — great for addressing individual issues, vocal troubles, brushing up on technique, preparing for a performance, or for those looking for a safe and con­fi­den­tial environment. 

Skype Lessons

A very viable way of working together long distance.

Note: international PayPal payments incur a small additional fee of $2.50.


Workshops are a great way to learn about the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) and how it applies to singing or speaking.

Workshops offer a theoretical run-through of Complete Vocal Technique and are aimed at singers of all styles and levels (professionals, semi-professionals and beginners).

I will demonstrate and illustrate technique and theory, using practical examples. All participants will participate in exercises.

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