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Bronze Honey is an Israeli alternative band, which was formed in 2011 by Uri Dov and Polly Gutman, and consists of five band members:
Polly Gutman - Vocals
Uri Dov - Keyboards & Back Vocals
Uri Menachem - Drums
Stas Meirovich - Guitars 
Raviv Barzilay - Bass


The debut album ‘FREE’ is receiving very positive feedback in the media

Our sound​

Our musical inspiration draws from:
Faith no More, Depeche Mode, Linkin Park, ETC.


We create an amalgam sound of Rock, Metal and Electro.

Our approach

There are no awkward themes, or untouchable genres.
It’s all about being bold enough to be honest.

"This band is obviously talented, their mix of rock and electronics should appeal to the denim-clad crowd and the party animals.
A prime example of musical education and entertainment rolled into one"

Hans Werksman,
Dutch music critic

"Rock with a flavor of electronica & metal done right is what we can say
of this band to summarize a bit our explanation. We’re completely blown away by their quality , this band shows a lot of potential, they’re well worth a listen"

Hand that Feeds,
Portuguese music blog

"The record is ooozing throughout with awesome tracks... This is a powerful, grandoise and melodic release from this Israeli band...
worth checking out"

Ravenheart Music,
British music critic

"The album can be eagerly added to the collection of every rock fan...
with diversity of styles and genres
it sounds complete, like a well-designed pattern"

Heavy Metal Rock n Roll,
Ukrainian music critic

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