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"I don't sing because I'm happy

I'm happy because I sing"


William James

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a revolutionary approach of the voice that has totally changed my outlook on singing, voice use and voice tuition.


I discovered CVT in 2011 and decided to specialize in it and introduce it to Israel or wherever I’ll go.

The Secret
Singing is not difficult!

The voice is not as complicated to use as many people think. It is an instrument that everybody has and uses every day. Of course it requires practice to sing professionally, but when you know how the voice works and how to use its natural functions and develop them further, you will be able to learn most of what is required.

The Voice

The voice usually works perfectly until we hinder it during childhood with constriction. Singing techniques are mostly about removing constriction to allow the voice to work freely. This means everyone can sing if they do not hinder their voice production. Therefore there is no reason to work with the technical aspects of singing unless you think you have a specific technical singing problem.


CVT, used by highly qualified voice teachers in 16 countries over Europe, the US and the Middle East, is based on anatomy and physiology, two pillars that dictate vocal behavior.


Respecting this behavior allow the vocal cords to vibrate freely so that high notes, low notes and long phrases become easy, whilst voice fatigue and hoarseness don’t get a chance.

Artistic choices 

Artistic choices are your affair. I offer you guidance on how to achieve your goals, how to grow as an artist and how to get full control over your voice, no matter what style (from classical to metal).

My job

My job is to provide you with a set of tools enabling you to express yourself freely and sound the way you want.

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