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CVT - The Technique

About CVT

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a pioneering and innovative approach to vocal technique. It is widely known in Europe and utilized by professional singers, singing teachers, and actors. The techniques can be used in all styles of singing, and are highly useful for anyone interested in the voice — from professionals to beginners. During 25 years of intensive research across all vocal styles, Cathrine Sadolin (the founder of the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark) has inspired innovative thinking within the field and developed techniques for all styles of singing. In her latest research study she cooperated with Dr. Julian McGlashan at Queens Medical Center, Nottingham (UK). Complete Vocal Technique consciously avoids judgment on sound or taste, and is a riot against old myths:

  • Everybody can learn to sing

  • The so-called “tone deaf” does not exist

  • It is possible to produce ALL sounds in a healthy manner.

3 overall  principles

to ensure healthy sound production:

  • Sup­port

  • Nec­es­sary Twang

  • Avoid Pro­trud­ing the Jaw & Tight­en­ing the Lips


4 vocal modes

to choose the ‘gear’ you want to sing in:

  • Neutral

  • Curbing

  • Overdrive

  • Edge

Sound Colours​

to make the sound lighter or darker


to achieve spe­cific sound effects such as dis­tor­tion, creak, rat­tle, growl, grunt, screams, vocal breaks, air added to the voice, vibrato, tech­niques for ornamentation

Visual Chart​

To view a visual chart of the four sub­jects show­ing how they build upon each other, please click here.

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