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"The only thing better than singing

is more singing"

Ella Fitzgerald

Vocal Coaching
  • Perfecting basic technique, auditive analysis, volume, nuancing and fine-tuning, ‘coloring’, effects etc.

  • Vocal behavior, vocal particularities, the functioning of one’s own voice, its potential & maintenance

  • Interpretation & artistry

  • Individual development with the aim to master one’s own voice and art

Artist coaching
  • Individual vocal & artistic development

  • Vocal potential & maintenance

  • Basic knowledge of sound & acoustics

  • Hearing, listening & protection

  • Singing & playing another instrument

  • Live performance & studio singing

  • Interpretation, artistry & performance (anxiety)

  • Microphone technique & how to choose your own mic

  • Tour, concert, studio or theatre tour preparation

  • Castings & auditions

Voice Recovery Program


Voice Recovery Program in the event of voice loss, hoarseness or fatigue before, during or after:

  • an important concert/tour

  • an important theatre show

  • studio recordings

  • an important presentation



  • Coaching & drafting for speech, theatre, presentation/narrating (also radio, TV & communications, marketing), pleading, conferencing, media training

  • Perfecting basic technique, volume, nuancing, pace & diction, ‘coloring’ and effects

  • Vocal behavior, functioning of ones own voice, its potential, (emotional) dynamics & its maintenance

  • Establish vocal flexibility & confidence, master ones voice and art

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